Our product is hydroponic technology that enables automatic & simple gardening. The technology is packaged as flexible stand-alone modules (plant module Mimer & light module Sol) that can be integrated in any furniture/interior solution.


Mimer is a plant module with a hydroponic watering system, developed with the needs of plants in mind.

The circulating water and nutrition system gives the plants the best possible conditions to grow, while also preventing flies that normally thrive in regular soil-based farming.

Mimer is supposed to be integrated within your own products, and the size of the module can therefore be tailored to your need.


Sol is a lighting module optimized to provide the best possible environment for your plants, no matter where you place them.

The LED-lighting provides a low power solution and can be dimmed to provide either growth-optimized or human-eye-friendly colors, so that it does not disturb your day-to-day routine.

Sol can be used independently of Mimer, or they can be connected to give your plants the best possible circumstances to grow.

Integrate it your way

Mimer and Sol is the perfect plug-and-play kit for furniture companies, interior architects and other producers who want to design their own plant furniture – without needing to know anything about plants. We will of course help you all the way from concept to product, contact us to get the process started!